Strasberg Legacy

Giovanni Morassutti is also teaching acting inspired by his experience as an assistant and coordinator of John Strasberg and his workshops in Italy and lately also in Berlin. His acting training started back in 1996 when he attended a workshop taught by Susan Strasberg in his hometown . Since then he had always studied, observing the sessions at the Actors Studio in New York and  eventually  developing his own approach to teaching. He combines techniques like relaxation, concentration, sense memory work and structured improvisation with scene study work during which he develops a very personal contact with the student working on his own perception, intuition and spontaneity. The goal of this training is to help the actor to learn how to became involved in the world of the character. By a very personal script analysis and by discovering his/her own perception of the character the actor will be able to find out what he wants to do and how to behave within the given circumstances. Giovanni Morassutti works also on subtext , inner actions, imagination and character composition following the principles of the Stanislavsky System and the realistic school of acting ( Strasberg, Adler , Meisner) . The plays and texts explored during the class are taken from american authors like :  Tenneesse Williams, Eugene O’Neill, Sam Shepard , Clifford Odets and from film script by Quentin Tarantino , Woody Allen and Mike Nichols among others.
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