Giovanni Morassutti in Railroad directed by Bryan Reynolds
  • I creditori, directed by F.Olivetti (2001)
  • Marrie Stecchino, directed by K.M.Wilce (2001)
  • Frammenti dall´Eneide, directed by Ellen Stewart (2001)
  • Antigone, directed by Ellen Stewart (2003)
  • Richard III, directed by Ted Mornel (2003)
  • Cinque donne con lo stesso vestito(Five women with the same dress) directed by E.Pippo (2003)
  • Diana Cantelma, directed by Ellen Stewart (2002)
  • Storie di ordinaria follia, directed by J.D.Puerta Lopez (2006)
  • Il ragazzo con l´albergo, directed by D.Warren (2007)
  • Io, Clarence, directed by Adelmo Togliani (2008)
  • Copenhagen, directed by M. Dal Collo (2009)
  • Talk to me like the rain and let me listen, directed by L.Vinciguerra (2009)
  • Railroad, directed by Bryan Reynolds (2013-2019)
  • The Queen of Hearts , directed by Andrea Paciotto (2014)
  • Anna Politkocskaja, In Memoriam, directed by Salvino Raco (2014)

Assistant director

  • Ella´s secret directed by Harris Freedman (2012)
  • Lovely head written by Neil LaBute, directed by Marco Calvani (2012)
  • Tchaikovsky directed by Harris Freedman (2013)


  • Sola in casa, written by Dino Buzzati (2012)
  • Madre sin panuelo, written by Jorge Palant (2015)
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