The perfect scene: Three stories of love and angst, directed by Jordan Mattos (Short)
Boy ( 2001)

Il Fuggiasco (The fugitive), directed by Andrea Manni (2003)

Last Days , directed by Gus Van Sant (2005)

Ma che ci faccio qui! (What the Hell Am I Doing Here?), directed by Francesco Amato (2006)

I Viceré (The Viceroys), directed by Roberto Faenza (2007)

Delitto e Castigo, directed by Franco Giraldi (2007)

Ventisette: Farsi guardare può essere appagante, directed by Stefano Usardi (2011)

Gli Occhiali (Glasses), episode of P.O.E. Poetry of Eerie [it], directed by Matteo Corazza (2012)

Leoni (A Holy Venetian Family), directed by di Pietro Parolin (2015)

Il mio giorno (My day), directed by Stefano Usardi (2015)

Luigo , directed by Stefano Usardi (2017)

For the time being, directed by Daniela Lucato (2017)

Affitasi vita, directed by Stefano Usardi (2019)

Dimmi chi sono (Tell me who I am), directed by Luca Caserta (2020)

Lola, directed by Francesca Tasini (2020)

Potato Potato, directed by Miguel Guzman (2020)

An Approximation of their Barbarous Manners,, directed by Christian Serritiello (2020)

Fra due battiti, directed by Stefan Usardi (2020)

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