As a stage actor Giovanni Morassutti has also been acting in Railroad , a stage play directed by Bryan Reynolds of the Transversal Theater Company in which he played both lead characters in two different production: one in Sweden in 2013 and one in Belgium in 2019.
The show won the Tor Vergata Award in 2020 at the Festival di Teatro Patologico  (A tribute to Ellen Stewart).

Here is an excerpt from an interview with Bryan Reynolds in 2006 about Railroad:
From playwright/producer Bryan Reynolds:
The objective of the play Railroad and Transversal Theater’s production is to create heightened awareness about the Holocaust and human rights at inter subjective depths rarely accomplished in representation and only accomplish able, I believe, in theater — with actual human bodies interacting — rather than on film or in literature. I lost a whole side of my own family to the Nazis, and have wanted to relate a story of desperation and suffering with increasing urgency with each, in my view, weak popular rendition of the Holocaust (Schindlers List, etc.), and so Railroad is a culmination of many years of heartfelt creation. When I was a graduate student at Harvard I directed two honors theses on Jewish Holocaust literature. One of my students had a breakdown and left school, and the other went on to write an excellent essay on the Maus comics. I knew I wanted to do something, tell people, show them, but didn’t know how. My many encounters with anti-Semitism over the last ten years as I have traveled more and more frequently compelled me to do this. My commitment finally crystallized while Transversal Theater toured my play Woof, Daddy in Poland last April. I encountered an astonishing amount of anti-Semitism and frustrating ignorance on so many levels in both Poland and the Czech Republic that I decided absolutely to make Railroad Transversal Theater’s next project (we already had another project in the works). When we toured my play Unbuckled in Romania the year before, we also encountered much anti-Semitism. One of the lead characters is Jewish, and critics kept exclaiming that Jews are not like this or that (liberal minded, polyamorous); when I pressed them at press conferences, they admitted to never having met a Jew.

Author: Giovanni Morassutti

Giovanni Enrico Morassutti is an Italian actor, theatre director, writer, artist and cultural entrepreneur. He is a graduate of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia and long time student and collaborator of John Strasberg. In 2016 he wrote the preface of the Italian version of Strasberg´s book Accidentally on Purpose: Reflections on Life, Acting and the Nine Natural Laws of Creativity. Giovanni Morassutti is a Goodreads Author.


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